Middle school students having fun at a dance
Middle school students having fun at a dance

Wellesley Teen Center

Our Purpose

The Teen Center provides Wellesley youth that are currently enrolled in grades 6-8 with a safe, recreational environment.




The Wellesley Teen Center is for Wellesley Middle School students and Wellesley residents enrolled in grades 6- 8 in public or private schools.


Upcoming Events

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Drop-Off Location & Hours

  • Drop off / pick up will be at the Wellesley Middle School entrance on Donizetti St.
  • On selected nights 7:00 PM • 9:00 PM
  • No one will be permitted to leave before the end time of the event (as noted above), except with a parent or designated adult.


  • A one time, $50 registration fee, is collected which covers all 3 years of middle school.
  • No additional door fee will be collected at the 5th grade event.
  • There will be a $5 per event fee collected at the door for all 2017- 2018 6th, 7th and 8th grade events.
  • Registration fees are collected online via the Town of Wellesley Recreation Department's Webtrac system. Link to Online Fee Payment process.
  • Financial assistance may be available, please contact us at info@communityinvestors.net
  • Per Event Fee - Pizza, snacks and drinks can be purchased separately.


Wellesley Middle School behavior and dress code guidelines apply.

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