Middle school students having fun at a dance
Middle school students having fun at a dance

Wellesley Teen Center

Our Purpose

The Teen Center provides Wellesley youth that are currently enrolled in grades 6-8 with a safe, recreational environment to interact with peers and have fun on a weekend night.




The Wellesley Teen Center is for all students who attend Wellesley Middle School no matter what town they live in and students who live in Wellesley and are enrolled in grades 6-8 in private schools.


Upcoming Events

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Drop-Off Location & Hours

  • Drop off / pick up will be at the Wellesley Middle School entrance on Donizetti St.
  • Doors open at 7:00 PM and the event is over at 9:00 PM
  • No one will be permitted to leave before the end time of the event (as noted above), except with a parent or designated adult.


  • A one time, $50 registration fee. This is usually paid at the fifth grade event for most students, but your child can enroll at any time, pay the fee and be a member of Teen Center. 
  • Registration fees are collected online via the Town of Wellesley Recreation Department's Webtrac system. Link to Online Fee Payment process.
  • Financial assistance may be available, please contact us at info@communityinvestors.net
  • There is an additional $5 fee at the door for each dance event your child attends.
  • Pizza, snacks and drinks are for sale cash only at all Teen Center events.


Wellesley Middle School behavior and dress code guidelines apply.





“As a first time teen center parent volunteer, I think this event is awesome! The kids were able to enjoy different areas of the school to socialize & were able to interact and bond with classmates in ways they are not able to at school. They enjoy having the freedom to create their own fun singing karaoke, playing dodgeball & basketball & a variety of games in the caf. They also loved the DJ who turned the gym into a nightclub & had a blast with the photobooth. I would strongly encourage parents to get your kids to future teen centers! It’s an excellent opportunity to strengthen their social emotional well-being and it certainly is a blast to watch them run around excited and happy!“


Sincerely , Allyson (6th graders' mom)

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